Is my blood pressure good or bad?!

Question: Is my blood pressure good or bad.?
My blood pressure, after a 20 minute walk and a 10 minute rest afterward, was140/90. This was with a pulse of 66 beats/minute.

Is that good or bad.?Health Question & Answer

It should be closer to 120/80 after 10 minutes of rest. It all depends how fast you walked, your age, your current physical condition, and your weight.

However, it is not anything to panic over. Check your BP before you go to bed. If it is still that high, go see you doctor.Health Question & Answer

it depends on your age, how fast you were walking, but at a normal pace for 20 minutes and a full 10 minute recovery time. 140/90 is sort of high. being in good health is not only how long(or fast) you can walk(exercise) but also how quickly you recover back to your baseline(your normal limit)Health Question & Answer

Bit high for any age. Should be 120/70, or very near to it. Check, or have your Bp checked a few times per day and for a few days. If it stays stable, it should be OK. If it fluctuates to much see the Dr..
Peace.Health Question & Answer

buddy depends on your age.for a teen this is some what higher than normal but,for an adult this is quite normalHealth Question & Answer

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