I have breast cancer. will virgin coconut prevent cancer cells from further spreading?!

Question: I have breast cancer. will virgin coconut prevent cancer cells from further spreading.?
Coconut has not been shown to have any effect on breast or any other cancer in any controlled clinical studies. Clinical studies use the "scientific method" to establish that a treatment works or does not work.

Breast cancer will kill you without proper treatment. Proper treatment, meaning treatment that has been shown to be effective in a great number of cases, consists of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, as well as some other targeted therapies.

If you truly have been diagnosed, don't wait too long to get into treatment. You have a window where you can beat this disease, but the window of time is not infinite. You must strike it before it spreads. Some breast cancers want to spread like wildfire, so delay to putz around with silly alternative treatmetns is not advisable.Health Question & Answer

Look into Loquat seeds (or similar...Apricot, I think, may work, as well). Some Asian doctors apparently prescribe two small seeds per day to fight cancer...they contain low doses of cyanide, that apparently bond with the cancer cells and destroy them. I'm getting this info from the internet, though, and I'm no doctor, so look into it yourself, and see if it's the sort of thing you're looking for.Health Question & Answer

i don't think virgin coconut can help cancer but there allot of things that can but once you actually get cancer you cant stop it from spreading at all without medical treatment.Health Question & Answer

my dad works with cancer patients and radiation machines in a cancer center and i asked him. hes been on the job for almost 10 years.Health Question & Answer

There's nothing you can do to control where your cancer spreads to or not, unless you do cancer treatment, sorry.Health Question & Answer

Read this post and smileHealth Question & Answer

http://www.cancer.org/docroot/home/index...Health Question & Answer

im sorry i dunno abt virgin coconut but eating raw sweet potato or colacasia is really good for preventing cancer frm spreading
raw banan stem will allso help and also raw carrot juiceHealth Question & Answer

it can be shown to helpHealth Question & Answer

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