Does this sound like Cushing's or Addison's?!

Question: Does this sound like Cushing's or Addison's.?
I have recently had hormone panel taken and I need to wait about 2 weeks for the results to come back. I've been having a lot of symptoms that seem to point to either Cushing's or Addison's. Given these symptoms, which do you think is more likely.?

muscle weakness
low blood pressure
good glucose tolerance
hyperpigmentation on armpits
stretch marks

I'm also 5'5 and 112 lbs (slim), but a lot of my weight seems to be on my face and abdomen.Health Question & Answer

I had Cushing's disease in 1971 and had to have my adrenals removed so now have Addison's.

Cushing's Disease, you will have sudden weight gain, especially around your tummy, the back of your neck possibly a little facial hair, your periods might stop (mine did) You might have what they call a moon face (mine was roundish with indents in the cheeks) and your face will be reddish colored, your skin will be thinner than usual and bruise easily. I cut myself one time and didn't realize it until I saw the blood, your blood pressure will be high. I felt anxious all the time, but tired at the same time. It was really frustrating not knowing what was wrong. I was a research patient up at Oregon Health Sciences University. I had a pituitary tumor that caused my adrenals to work in overtime...extremely miserable.

After I had my adrenal glands, I lived a fairly normal life, taking Hydrocortisone daily. I raised a family,went hiking and camping, worked full time. I did get sick easier after spending time in the sun, or when exposed to a bug of some sort.

Addison's disease, undiagnosed or untreated will cause you to feel weak, your skin will darken, you will feel nauseous, shakey, anxiety and depression, too tired to concentrate and finish chores at times,
lose weight, your blood pressure may be low, you might feel dizzy.
There are other symptoms, but I can't think right now.

I have been reasonably healthy and active since I had my adrenals removed and it was a huge surgery back then. Fortunately, they have laproscopic surgery now. also, if your condition is caused by a pituitary tumor (like mine was, but back in 1971, my condition was so advanced that they didn't remove the tumor, but removed the adrenals.

At your weight of 112, if you do have Cushing's, you are in the early stages and can be treated successfully, and lead a normal life.
If you are diagnosed with Addison's, you will be put on steroid replace ment of hydrocortisone and you will start feeling better soon.

Wishing you the very best in a quick diagnosis and treatment, so that you will be feeling better soon. There is another lady on Y/A who also had Cushing's disease and had her adrenals removed, so she too is now Addison's.
Her name is Jen S and she is much more knowledglable than I am. I wish I knew how to connect you to her.Health Question & Answer

well about your hyperpigmentation, i myself have darker skin under my arms but it's not a symptom of any kind. Cushing's does present with stretch marks and a "moon face" and a "buffalo hump." good luck i hope you have neitherHealth Question & Answer

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