Hydrocephalus Quistions?????!

Question: Hydrocephalus Quistions.?.?.?.?.?
im getting headaches and absence seizures because iof hydrocephalus. how does hydrocephalus increase.? i have dandy-walker syndrome and thats whats causing the hydrocephalus.if the hydro keeps increasing,what will happen to the headaxches and seizures.? what medidicnes(if any) will lower/raise the hydro.? i dont have a shunt yet,and i do make myself throw up.(gross,i know).Health Question & Answer

I have never heard of dandy-walker syndrome, but as far as I know, the only treatment that will reduce the pressure on the brain caused by the excess fluid is a shunt. In fact, waiting too long to treat hydrocephalus can cause permanent brain damage, or even death. (The pressure from the excess fluid is the cause of your headaches and seizures.) Talk to your doctors immediately.Health Question & Answer

I've had a shunt since birth.Health Question & Answer

my brother has had seizures before and that was because he had a serious drinking and drug problem. A good way to lower the risk of seizures is to not drink or do drugs. Keep a healthy diet and make sure you get plenty of rest and exercise. The best advice I can give you is to go see a doctor or google it :)Health Question & Answer

For reasons your doctor can explain to you specifically, the fluid is not draining from around your skull the way that it should. Can also address your other questions with him/her as well as these are very good questions!! Can also ask why the delay in placing a shunt (which will allow excess fluid to drain).Health Question & Answer

Why do you not have a shunt.? You need one ASAP! Talk to your neurosurgeon. If a shunt is not placed soon then seizures will start.Health Question & Answer

I have hydro and was shunt a month after I was born.Health Question & Answer

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