Is there such thinggg ???? [10 Easy Points !!!]?!

Question: Is there such thinggg .?.?.?.? [10 Easy Points !!!].?
I was watching "Quarantine" yesterday,
and I was wondering if there was such a thing
called "The Armageddon Virus.?"

Because the people got that type of Rabies, I think....

So I just wanna know if that exists ...

Thanks !Health Question & Answer

There are rare cases of humans contracting rabies and becoming violent but no, there is no such thing as a disease called the "Armageddon Virus". It was in interesting movie but, nothing more than that.Health Question & Answer

Yes! ^__^ HA! believe it or not, it DOES exist! ^_^

But, it's not a disease. It's a computer virus.Health Question & Answer

i don't think so, it's a movie.Health Question & Answer

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