My Dad has been very sick lately?!

Question: My Dad has been very sick lately.?
He got out of the hospital a couple weeks from pneumonia.
Now he's back in there again because he wasn't getting any better.
They're doing a bunch of tests on him.
He has cavities in his lungs. He probably has emphysema.
He's really scared, to the point of tears, and I don't know how to react.

What should I say to him.? How should I make him feel better.?Health Question & Answer

just tell him u love him; he will always appriciate thatHealth Question & Answer

Be an advocate for your dad and make sure the doctors are doing everything they can. Talk to his doctors to find out what they think is going on. If your dad can sit up in bed rather than laying down, or walk if he can get around, do it. Don't let him just lay there if he can help it. You can assure your dad everything will be OK, there's nothing wrong with that. But if things are not good be willing to deal with that aspect also. It isn't easy but he can be made comfortable and if there are things to be said you will have that chance also. Bless your dad and your family and you.Health Question & Answer

The best way to handle that is being informed on what is actually going on with him. If he is scared alot of times dorctors will come in and let him know, but it doesn't register. Please sit down and talk with one of his nurses or doctors and get the facts and if you don't understand something ask them to explain. It's good if you can go in with a list of questions and schedule a time when they can spend some time explaining to you, this way youcan reiterate to your dad what exactly is going on with him. Health Question & Answer

Try to be strong for him , don't show him your fear that it won't help . if you do get emotion take time out for yourself , but by being there with him to encourage to get better it will do some help . talk to him about the good times you did together so that he could get happy a little.Health Question & Answer

Does he smoke.? It sounds like that could be the cause of his problems. If he is in the hospital, they will do everything they can to make him better. Best wishes to all of you. Health Question & Answer

Stand by him be strong for him and keep your head up Health Question & Answer

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