When your smoking...?!

Question: When your smoking....?
but you hold it in your mouth and just puff;; don't inhale the smoke
are you less capable of getting diseases and all that jazz.?

I don't smoke...I just like to know so that I can inform all the people that I know that do :DHealth Question & Answer

No. While you may not have all the problems with the lungs and respiratory system, any time smoke comes into contact with tissue, there is potential for disease and complication. This is why cigar smokers are just as unhealthy as cigarette smokers. The smoke is carcinogenic, and can cause problems no matter where it is in the body.

Kudos on not smoking!Health Question & Answer

You are still inhaling the dangerous chemicals contained with the cigarettes. And MANY of those chemicals are carcinogens (cancer causing agents). You may not get lung cancer, but mouth and throat cancer is still a very real possibility.Health Question & Answer

pipe users adn cigar smokers arenot supposed to 'inhale' the smoke. they have been known to get mouth cancer. now matter if u hold it in ur mouth you are still inhaling the smoke however small it my be. Health Question & Answer

If you don't inhale, you're not really smoking. Health Question & Answer

Yes, it's called 2nd hand smoke.Health Question & Answer

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