Hot chips causes cancer?!

Question: Hot chips causes cancer.?
Have heard that hot chips causes cancer - the extreme hot temps as the potato cooks causes some chemical to come out in the potato thus causing cancer. Is this true or false.? I love hot chips so should I be disappointed.? I know they are not good for you but to cause cancer....Health Question & Answer

Most oils, when exposed to high temperatures, break down to substances that can cause health problems including cancer.

What the increased risk is depends on how much you ingest.

As an occasional treat it shouldn't increase your risk noticeably.

In large doses you would be looking at other health problems as well!Health Question & Answer

The cooking oil breaks down as it is used over and over. This causes compounds to be created which are considered cancerous. So hot chips or cold chips supposedly increase your cancer risk.Health Question & Answer

its not the chips,its the over use of the oilHealth Question & Answer

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