Is Something Wrong??10 points quick?!

Question: Is Something Wrong.?.?10 points quick.?
On my right side on my front above my hip i have this dark patch
It doesn't hurt or i can't feel anything but i can see some veins
It's just a dark brownish colour
What could this be.?
I've had a for maybe a few months nowHealth Question & Answer

Go to your Dermatologist, it sounds like an age spot, but it is best to be safe. Ask yourself these questions,
Did it start out small and grow, or did it appear one day in it's current state.? Has the color changed.?
Have you used any cream on it.? These are all important q's. But most importantly call a skin doctor.
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

it could poss. be a scar.i have some like that that i have never figured out what i did.Health Question & Answer

Yes something is wrong. There do I get the 10 points .?

Go see your doctor.Health Question & Answer

.Health Question & Answer

Best thing to do is see a doctor as soon as possible
Health Question & Answer

Get to the doctor...NOW!!!Health Question & Answer

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