Pls help!!!! hiv... kisssing?!

Question: Pls help!!!! hiv... kisssing.?

I met this guy a mth ago. We deep kissed like 7-10 times. His HIV condition is unknown. I don't have any open sores or cuts in my mouth. (only small bumps of healed sores in my inner cheeks.)

Considering tht I don't have any open sores or bleeeding gums, can I noe if I am at risk of getting HIV AS WE KISSED 7-10 TIMES.?.?.? NO SEXUAL CONTACT. ONLY KISSING.

PLS HELP. THANKS.Health Question & Answer

Seriously, HIV cannot be transmitted by kissing. There are only four ways HIV/AIDS can be transmitted.
1. Unprotected Sex
2. Sharing Needles
3. During the birth process.
4. Breast MilkHealth Question & Answer

Yes there is a risk because any open areas of the body can put you at risk. The risk is smaller if you are sure there are no cuts in the mouth. I not sure about saliva either, I hope not because if saliva can cause hiv the human race is in trouble.Health Question & Answer

Well if he had any sores or bumps in his mouth from HIV it's that easy to catch.

If he had it anywhere else like for instance the genital area there is no way of you catching it unless you had unprotected sex.

Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

a county health clinic usually has free tests for Hepatitis/HIV/TB...but Amanda told you right. Health Question & Answer

no you can't get it from kissingHealth Question & Answer

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