Whats wrong with me lips?! :(?!

Question: Whats wrong with me lips.?! :(.?
ok well a couple days ago my lips started to get dry and cracky, so i put vasaline on, i think the cracks got infected and now there are like scaby things on my lips and when i pick at them it seems like my lips get wet from were i picked it off then it gets soar and the scab comes back again... i know this is really gross but i have been looking up stuff about whats happening with my lips online and it doesent seem to be matching anything, if the vasaline doesent work then i think im going to have to see my doctor...
does anyone have any sudgestions or anything they could inform me about with this....?
oh and if this helps i have had problems with my lips before with the dryness but never the scabs, and vasaline usually worked for me
Thank you so much, PaigeHealth Question & Answer

Lip Medex from Blistex...and get the one in the little blue round thingy...for the chapped lips...


dryed chapped lips do not create oozing sores...

"cold sores" as another person mentioned is Herpes Simplex...one or two...both can create clusters of blisters on the lips and around the mouth...

The herpes simplex virus usually enters the body through a break in the skin around or inside the mouth...it is usually spread when a person touches a cold sore or touches infected fluid-such as from sharing eating utensils or razors...kissing an infected person...or touching that person's saliva...and yes...even oral copulation...

pain around your mouth and on your lips...a fever...a sore throat...or swollen glands in your neck or other parts of the body can be present...and these lesions do produce a clear fluid and crust over again...

they usually subside within a couple days to two weeks...

to speed up treatment you can ask your doctor for a prescription of valtrex...Health Question & Answer

Your lips could be wind/ sunburned, in which case a good sunblock lip balm will help them heal. I like Hawaiian tropic because it has UVA protection, too.

If they are cracked at the sides of the mouth, that is not going to be cured by vaseline. Vaseline can make it worse. It is something called chelitis, which requires mroe vitamin B, and some special medicine to clear it up. It sounds gross, but the same medicine that treats athlete's foot will work to clear up the lip problem.Health Question & Answer

O.k well you shouldn't have started picking at them.. They are/were just split from being too dry.. now that they are scabs the scabs have to heal. Until then stay hydrated, being dehydrated is the #ONE cause of dry lips. Vasaline holds in the moisture, but you need moisture to be held in.... So make sure your drinking your water.
Just let them heal, neosporine will help out a lot, its going to take about 4 days to really start looking better.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like a cold sore; a strand of the herpes virus. Going to the doctor would be the best way to get a correct answer.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like a cold sore. It will take about a week to go away. Its no cause for great concern. Go buy some ointment made for cold sores and done mess with it!Health Question & Answer

go to the doctor serioueslyHealth Question & Answer

Stop picking and let the scabs heal. Duh. Health Question & Answer

i had something like that i think it is called "infertigo"but you should go to the doctors!Health Question & Answer

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