Itchy rash on my right outer thigh and hip... spreading!?!

Question: Itchy rash on my right outer thigh and hip... spreading!.?
I first noticed it when I was on vacation in California. It started out as one spot like a mosquito bite but it soon spread over the course of a week. Now it is to the middle of the outside of my thigh and goes up to my hip. It's a series of little bumps that itch like crazy whenever something touches them (clothes, air, ANYTHING). They get red whenever they are irritated (itchy), and burn whenever I put Benedryl meds on them and offers momentary relief. I tried taking the pill too and nothing helps. I don't want to go to the dr to find out it's an allergic reaction so if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate your help! Please no smart *** remarks, it's not herpes or anything stupid like that.Health Question & Answer

Hey bebe it could be concact dermititis or ringworm take selenium folic acid, zinc these supplements will kill fungal infections in the skin it should take a week to clear up go to earth ckinic for more ideas a natural cures web site.......Health Question & Answer

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