Every time i have a shower/bath i get red patches on my body with a white spot?!

Question: Every time i have a shower/bath i get red patches on my body with a white spot.?
but after 20-30minutes it disappears!
# i've tried washing in cold water in case its heat spots!
# i've tried using no detergents or soap just plain water!
# its always on my front body and top arm part!
# its not alot of patches but say 6-8 patches all over!
# i tried to squeeze the spot but theres nothing in it!

i've had it for years now! what is it.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

My daughter had this problem too. I assumed an allergic reaction to something, first thought was the soap. If I remember correctly, it was a shampoo and conditioner that was giving her problems. Just try ruling out one thing at a time, maybe 3-4 days minimum until you find the culprit.Health Question & Answer

Clean out your tub/shower really well, see a dermatologist, and keep doing everything you're doing.Health Question & Answer

I'd go see a doctor right away!! Not to scare you or cause any unnecessary grief, but you might have a skin disorder. A dermatologist might know.

I hope it's okay!Health Question & Answer

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