My husband recently had a sleep study done as he has excessive movements when he sleeps. After the study was ?!

Question: My husband recently had a sleep study done as he has excessive movements when he sleeps. After the study was .?
done the Dr told him that he has sleep apnea and that the worry is that he is stopping breathing 4 to 5 times a hour and his oxygen level is dropping to around 70. This happens while he is sleeping on his back. they recommended a CPAP breathing machine but due to his movemnt disorder the dr said it may not work(won't seal well) My question is how serious is this.? Any information would be appreciated as I don't want to find him dead or have a heart attack or what all this can do to him. Is 70 really low.? Health Question & Answer

In short, yes this is very serious. Blood oxygen levels are expressed as a percentage. Most healthy people have levels of 98-100%. A blood oxygen of 70% is a serious concern. Anything under 88% is considered "desaturated." As another contributor has mentioned, low blood oxygen levels can cause heart problems, strokes, and many other generally bad things.

Normally when you sleep, your body repairs itself. When you are not getting restorative sleep, and waking up because you cannot breathe, your body is putting all of its energy in just staying alive and cannot repair itself. Small problems just cascade into larger ones.

The CPAP does take some getting used to, but your husband should find that he wakes up much more refreshed. A doctor should be able to help with the movement disorder - medication can help control this. But a warning, never try and use the medications for the movement disorder without the CPAP - they can depress breathing!Health Question & Answer

People claim it's all weight, well I have sleep apnea and I only weigh 145 lbs. So it's not all weight!
The CPAP machine has a 6 foot tube with it, and I also have a what they call a snoring pillow. Once I get settled my wife will put this long pillow against my back and it works. She sleep against the other side of it and I don't move across country when I sleep.
It takes time getting uses to but it helps!
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

This is serious. Sleep apnea can cause strokes, heart attacks, brain damage, and continuous daytime fatigue. He should at least try the CPAP.

All the best.Health Question & Answer

I looked into this a while back it said just to lose weight.Health Question & Answer

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