Chronic asthma advice - please help?!

Question: Chronic asthma advice - please help.?
My boyfriend has very, very bad asthma. He came to my house last night to watch a movie and left his inhailer at home by mistake. (He lives 30-35 minutes away.) He ended up having to leave my house because he was wheezing so bad and I was worried he was going to have an asthma attack on his way home! Is there anything that I could do for him if this ever happens again.? It has me so worried now! Please help!!Health Question & Answer

(1) Remind him to keep a spare rescue-inhaler in his car
(2) Find out whether he is getting his doctor to get him on long-term bronchodilators and other medical regimens, instead of just depending on the rescue-inhaler.Health Question & Answer

i think, the most important thing is not to leave your medication at home whenever you go to other places. but off course, we are human, small small thing and making mistake is one of our characteristic.

asthma attack is not just an illness that come without any precipitating factors. it is actually an illness that come after you have contact with allergens. the allergens is differed between person to person. and your boyfriend will probably know what are his allergens are. maybe he can predict in what condition that the attack will come.

the most common type of allergens that asthmatic patient will have are smoke from tobacco, polluted air, dust or what you can do is to make sure your house did not have that type of allergen. and what your boyfriend can do if he forget to bring his medication, again, is to wear a mask to make sure the allergens will not come in direct contact with him at that time..Health Question & Answer

Medicines have short term effects. If u really want a permanent solution to your bf's problem try breathing exercises (pranayama) in yoga. they really help. Health Question & Answer

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