Bacteria from Toilet?!

Question: Bacteria from Toilet.?
My toilet got clogged and to keep it from over flowing i removed some of the water with a bowl. It bowl is one we eat out of. I washed it after wards. Would it be OK to eat on.?

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no problem at all

you can wash it in the sink with detergent by hand, then dry.

or you can put it in the dish washer.

you'll get the germs off -- and even if you didn't, you'd only be eating your own E. coli, klebsiella, and proteus (from your own colon). While I do not suggest doing this on purpose -- you have to realize that every time you go to a restaurant and eat a salad, this is EXACTLY what you are doing.

Just wash the bowl as you normally would, and return it to the cupboard.Health Question & Answer

I suppose you could eat off it, if you washed it really good, like with hydrogen peroxide, but I wouldn't want to eat off it anymore.

Is it plastic, because plastic absorbs, I don't know if it would be safe if it was plastic.

Hopefully your water was clear and clean with just pee and not brown, if you plan on using that bowl again.

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You could actually use them if they were washed properly, but I would probably throw them away because the thought of eating out of that bowl makes me sick!Health Question & Answer

EW !
throw them out. throw them out. Health Question & Answer

Probably but i am sort of a germafobe (i woulden't)Health Question & Answer

NASTY NO WAYHealth Question & Answer

um... you better have washed it clean, or else.Health Question & Answer

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