What is OCD?????????????????!

Question: What is OCD.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
i know what it stands for but what would someone with this do.?Health Question & Answer

Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, with this I believe that you have the desire to do something over and over like turn the doorknob 6 times or flipping light switch say 9 times. You may also have to have things in a certain order and if they aren't it causes you to obsess over it. There is medicine you can take for this I believe. Go to www. medical conditions.com and put in ocd and read up more on it. Good luck and no you are not crazy or if its about a friend they aren't either :)Health Question & Answer

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder causes the person with it to urealistically focus on something to the point of upset. It could be a need to keep every item in the house in a perfect spot, perfectly clean and not allowing anyone to touch the item. A person with OCD which is manifested in household cleaning may even go so far as to cover all the furniture to keep the dust from settling on it. Then, they take the covers off the furniture for one day, just long enough to clean it all again. I've seen this, and it is really weird. An OCD housekeeping can't even live in their own house.

For some it manifests with newspapers. Do not dare touch an OCD person's newspaper!!! Even the slightest misalignment of pages will set them off.

For my son OCD was with his music. He would play his guitar for hours working out favorite songs to perfection of the original recording.

OCD causes real frustration, and I do mean real. Anxiety and nervousness arise when that which the person is obsessed with is out of line or off in any way. The singular focus on their obsession is usually external, not like a tic or body movement. '

I'm sure you can get a lot more technical definition elsewhere, but this is a simplified layman's definition. Health Question & Answer

obsessive compulsive disorder is actually what it stands for.
people with this become very obsesses with things or people. for example, if they were obsessed with someone, they would most likely learn everything about that person..they might even go as far as stalking them.

you should try looking it up. i'm sure it will be more helpful than myself:)
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If this is fantasy related, it mean Obsessive Cullen Disorder which is based off of the popular saga, 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer. It's a great romantic thriller for "young adults" *cough cough* pre-teens - teens. Many of us get too obsessed with this book and eventually call ourselves "Twilighters." Health Question & Answer

ocd people do the same things over and over and over and over and over and over again.Health Question & Answer

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