Hanging mole changing colors?!

Question: Hanging mole changing colors.?
I have a hanging mole on my thigh. It got really tender and painful after starting to get back into jogging and it getting irritated. Now it has started to bleed a little and is changing to a black/blueish and going down in size.Health Question & Answer

be safe and see a doctor to gt it checked and removed. you should do a full body skin check and look for moles that have changed in size shape or color as well as those that have uneven borders or coloring. because the mole is a source of irritation you already have reason to have it removed without considering how much better it will look without the mole.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, I agree with the other person. Any time a mole starts to look "angry" or just irritated, that's when it's definitely a good idea to get it check out. You don't want to take any chances.Health Question & Answer

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