Smoking a hookah compared to a ciggerate?!

Question: Smoking a hookah compared to a ciggerate.?
how bad is smoking a hookah compared to a cig. i dont smoked whole cigs i only take hits when im drinking. but one of my friends girl friends brought a hookah over the other day and i smoked alot out of it cause it was kinda fun and it doesnt take like crap like a cig. is a hookah worse.? i know i shouldnt smoke and i try not to. i just want to know the difference between a cig and a hookahHealth Question & Answer

Google "hookah dangers". It should scare the crap out of you.
Oh yeah-- just because the other answerer said it's not addicting (and he smokes twice a day.? that defies logic) and he doesn't have respiratory problems or cancer --yet-- doesn't mean you'll be so lucky.Health Question & Answer

hookahs are a lot worse for you, i forget the exact sciences of it but its a fact, most think its better though
because i had this same question and googled away about a year ago haha
just stay away from clove cigs like djarums, those put holes in your lungs super fast, even though they're amazingHealth Question & Answer

it's not addicting and there haven't been any cases of people getting cancer from hookah. i smoke hookah twice a day every day. i'm 45. my doctor recently told me i'm in good respiratory condition and i have no cancer.Health Question & Answer

Smoking anything is not good for you.Health Question & Answer

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