Where can i find a shugar daddy?!

Question: Where can i find a shugar daddy.?
So to cut a long story short i have 8 babbies by two husbands both of which are now deceased.
I was initially looking for a babby daddy to help me look after my kids but they have bad reputations for leaving woman pregnate and i don't want a ninth babby!
So anyway now i am looking for a shugar daddy with lots of money to help me raise my babbies and to buy nice things for me.
Where can i find one.?
Thank you and i am truly sorry for your lots.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you can find one in the diabetes section.? That's where I found mine.Health Question & Answer

WOW, why would anyone on yahoo answers just go ahead and be your kids dad.

That's why god invented dating sites.
This is just an axample of a stupid person asking a stupid question trying to get answers.

And if you are TRULY TRULY serious, and you really had 8 kids with 2 guys, you are the most hopeless person i have seen.Health Question & Answer

Hey MILF, we could answer but you haven't figured out where babies come from. Shame on you for having so many kids, and not be able to support them. You do get social security for all them babys. Why not welfare. You seem the type. A gold digger is not in fasion. You have nothing to offer. What you will end up with is a child molester. You are fertile ground.
Get a job.Health Question & Answer

Daddyslilgirl has it all wrong, they couldn't give a crap about whether or not you can spell. All they care about is whether or not you're good in the sack, and that you're hotter than their wife.Health Question & Answer

mine will die soon, but i will have a lot of money and me and my soon to be three babbies live in his ginormous mansion. there is enough room for you and all your babbies nat, just come on down.Health Question & Answer

Well I am not a man, but I know they prefer a woman who knows how to spell.
Maybe once you can do that, then you can try looking for a man.
Health Question & Answer

Those sugar daddy are looking for something else. How come you have do many babies.? The only thing I say that I wish I could find a sugar daddy, but I only find the sugar but not the daddy.Health Question & Answer

It's doubtful that you're going to find a sugar daddy with spelling like that.Health Question & Answer

Go to a speed dating thing or a clubHealth Question & Answer

Let me know when you find one because I want one too.?Health Question & Answer

wow u do have problems- why do u need a man to help you again.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

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