I need help from someone who knows dermatology?!

Question: I need help from someone who knows dermatology.?
I am using clean and clear dual action cleanser along with Ambi even and clear mosterizer with Tazorac gel. acne seems to be getting worse, but ive heard that it is supposed to. Do you think i should see some results with this method.?
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My current regiment of BenzaClin for morning, Tazoroc and Doxycycline Hyclate tablets for night; with teh Doxycycline a pill that you have to actually swallow. That works great for me right now and I'm glad to be enjoying better skin. It's waayyy better than EVEYTHING that I've tried-Proactive, Murad, a crapload of store bought stuff, oral, topical, even lazer ouch! >.< Yeah, sorry for all the medicine name gibberish, I've just become an expert on acne skin care. ^^;

I've noticed that every time I either start up a new medication or restart one that I forgot to take, the acne almost always gets worse for like a week or so before it gets better. It was painful at first, my skin was kind of sensitive to weather, but was REALLY worth it. My skin is not perfect, but I am enjoying this waaay better. ^______^

Make sure you always have a moisturizer that has a tad of sunscreen, yes even in Winter. Because using ANY type of acne cream, even store bought, makes your skin drier and more prone to sun damage.

P.S. Bare Minerals works great with acne prone skin, at least for me!

P.S.S. The person above me has obviously NOT had bad skin like me. It doesn't work and other people have to just get over the fact that not all people with acne don't have it simply because we don't wash our face enough. Psssh! I believe it to be a serious medical condition that can really only be healed by prescription, dedication, and time. --Yeah, sorry for rambling on again--Health Question & Answer

I would definitely NOT use so many harsh products all together. Tazorac gel is really strong by itself let alone with clean and clear. Use a really mild cleanser, like cetaphil for normal skin and a moisterizer. They say tazorac makes it worse and after a few months, it will make it better. Who knows, I never made it to that point since the state of my skin was so horrible while on it, I never gave it the chance. Health Question & Answer

Oh God. Forget what you are doing. Simplicity is best. Use a warm washcloth to soften and prepare your skin by soaking the cloth in the warm water and then holding it on your face for a few minutes. Use Cetaphil face wash to cleanse your face. That's it. All those products tend to irritate and make things worse.Health Question & Answer

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