Okay i was just wondering?!

Question: Okay i was just wondering.?
if it is possible for to people that are virgins to have sex like 30 times and not catch hiv.?.?.?.? and also another question.. is it possile for one of them to catch the hiv and not the other one.?.?.? please answer thanksHealth Question & Answer

you can get HIV after having sex only one time, if the person you are having sex with has HIV. And yes it is possible for one person to catch HIV, whereas another person may not. It depends on a person's immune system and on the integrity of their skin that comes into contact with the HIV infected blood or body fluid! And if you have sex with someone who has had sex with others, even if they say they do not have HIV, they could still have it and not know. That is why the disease spreads so much, because a person may have NO SYMPTOMS at all for a few YEARS! Be careful out there, always ude condoms.Health Question & Answer

If you're having sex exclusively, and neither had HIV to begin with, than no. If one person has HIV, then the other person will have likely caught it. Health Question & Answer

only if someone has HIV, but if neither does and were virgins and never exchanged blood with anyone, your fine. Health Question & Answer

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