Does anyone else have Celiac Disease? ?!

Question: Does anyone else have Celiac Disease.? .?
I accidentally ate a food item containing wheat and I know I will have stomache pains as a result. Does anyone with this disease know of something that will relieve stomache pains associated with this problem.? Health Question & Answer

ohhhh darn buddy ......... i'm also coeliac and i know your pain all too well ........ with wheat i generally don't get the tummy ache until around 12 hours later so hopefully i'm still in time to help just a bit ..... wheat is a bit of a dynamite tummy ache for me that will usually lay me flat on my back for 24 hours ............. only thing that i've ever found to relieve the ghastly tummy pains is to eat loads of green vegies ........ raw if you can ...... i know it won't cure it completely but it takes the edge off it before you feel like you've been hit by a train.......... green vegies like broccolli, kale, chard, celery, buk choy are all rich in magnesium and magnesium rich foods will increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy and aid in the digestive process ..... thus helping to speed up the elimination process.......... magnesium is also known as the antistress mineral so will help with the inevitable brain frizz and horrible mood swings that ensue when you get tempted by the demon wheat.......... hope this works some for you mate.

((((huggs 4 u))))

peace baby
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