What is the best way to help your dog if has runny diarrhea?!

Question: What is the best way to help your dog if has runny diarrhea.?
my dog is currently trying to go number 2 but can't. she tries and tries but ends up with a drip or two of weird mucus. how can i help her.?Health Question & Answer

go to your vet, and get some diarrhea medicine, change his food (fi that caused the diarrhea) and make him drink lots of waterHealth Question & Answer

several causes- constipated a change in dog food. Is he vomiting.? parvo is really bad disease and if he is vomiting and have diarrhea take him to the vet. if you can't afford to,try peanut butter and pedialyte. just keep feeding that to him. The peanut butter has the proteins that he needs if he isn't eating and the pedialyte will get him hydrated. Does he look really skinny from last nite.? parvo hits really quick. good luck.Health Question & Answer

Best way is to mix can pumpkin with your dog's food - this will help harden the stool and clear up the mucous. Watch your dog in the open. Make sure it's not eating food in the street or in the park where it may have picked up E-coli or something else.Health Question & Answer

take him to the vet.Health Question & Answer

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