If you're a doctor, please answer this!!!!!(mouth)?!

Question: If you're a doctor, please answer this!!!!!(mouth).?
One side of my cheek is very swelled up by my jaw bone, it does not hurt or anything else. My dad says it could be that my salivary glands are clogged up. What can I/should I do.? and what is this!Health Question & Answer

I'm no doctor, but I'm in dental school...
It's probable that it's something wrong with your salivary gland. If it came on relatively quickly, it could be an infection but I doubt it because there's no pain. You should go see a doctor or a dentist so they can palpate your salivary glands and see if there are any stones causing a blockage. There's a number of things it could be so you might be referred to an oral pathologist for a biopsy if they can't figure out what it is.
Best of luck!Health Question & Answer

i had something similar and it turned out to be an abscess and i ended up getting a root canal and the swelling receded within a week or 2.

it was very sensitive to the touch

hope this helpsHealth Question & Answer

see a doctor. the salivary glands can also be swollen due to viral infections (mumps), other causes like bacterial infections and obstruction of the duct would be painful.Health Question & Answer

you should go to a REAL doctor, and not ask someone who simply CLAIMS to be one on YA.Health Question & Answer

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