Can a crack addict be overweight?!

Question: Can a crack addict be overweight.?
A 27 yr. old obese woman that I'm acquainted with told me she was born with a defective heart and couldn't get on medicaid in this state to get the perscription paid. I felt empathy and gave her $25 to get this medication. I told another woman that I had done this, and she said..."how could you do that..she's a crack addict." I then felt foolish that I had believed the story. I found out from other people that she is indeed a crack addict. She is in the obese weight category, and I always thought you lose a lot of weight when you're addicted to crack. Maybe she's in the early stages of the crack addiction and that's why she hasn't lost weight.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

It is possible to be a fat crack addict but most are skinny or normal weight. Most people lose their appetite when they are sucking the "glass dick." Lovely lady, drop her! What a creep.Health Question & Answer

Regardless, she sounds WONDERFUL! Can I get her number.?Health Question & Answer

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