My meds are killing my stomach ?!

Question: My meds are killing my stomach .?
Hi, i had my wisdom teeth pulle dout not too long ago and they prescribed me ketorolack or something like taht for the pain. I believe its an analgesic anti-inflamatory, it is killing my stomach by now... do u think i could take tums with it.? or someting plz.?Health Question & Answer

Ketorolac, or Toradol, is a great drug for swelling and post-operative pain and it works best if taken very regularly. Try taking it with some milk or food. SInce your mouth is sore, try it with some pudding or applesauce, something you can eat easily right now.
Hope you're feeling better soon.Health Question & Answer

You should eat something with it and it will help your stomach. Never take it on an empty stomach.Health Question & Answer

not sure maybe only take half the amont prescribedd. drink milkHealth Question & Answer

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