Brownish scummy layer of skin in shower.?!

Question: Brownish scummy layer of skin in shower..?
ook, so first off, im a clean person. i shower everyday and all. but like one or sometimes 2 times a week when im in the shower. my back and my chest get this scummy brown stuff that comes off when i scratch it. and it only all comes off when i use like a luffa to scrub it off. i thought it might be like foundation but i barely ever put foundation on my chest and i never ever do on my back. i do have oily skin sometimes, so maybe that could have something to do with it. but i dont know. could someone tell me what it is, and what i could do to prevent it.
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Yeah, i get that stuff too. It doesn't mean you are dirty.When you take a shower, the soap lifts the oil and dirt from your skin, but not all of it gets rinsed off. Just keep washing, but not too much to the point where you hurt your skin.Health Question & Answer

Sounds just like the normal crud we accumulate on our bodies throughout the day and night that needs to be scrubbed off. (This is really gross I know), but apparently we shed LOTS of skin throughout the day, even just when we sleep at night we sweat off something like a litre of water into our mattress. (Ewww!!) So our skin has lots of stuff coating it (sweat, oils, body fats, salts from our body, etc...yummy). So, just scrub away in the shower, and moisturize too if needed, as our skin will also flake when it's dry. :) After typing this it makes me want to have a shower now.Health Question & Answer

it is probably just the oil in your skin.
don't use liquid soap, use bar soap because bars will dry out your skin so you won't have so much oil. ?Health Question & Answer

im guessing it most likely is the oil in your skin. && if it is use body wash for oily skin(it works).Health Question & Answer

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