They say, "It could always be worst". Does that phrase give you any comfort?!

Question: They say, "It could always be worst". Does that phrase give you any comfort.?
What would a good reply be to it...

Sometimes I feel that people that say it, are kind've blowing your concerns off. Of course things could always be worse concerning most things in life up to the point of death.

After death...I suppose they could even say that.

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I think that sometimes when people say things like, "It could always be worse", they are not so much blowing off ones concerns. Most people are totally uncomfortable with being confronted by someone else's life threatening situation. There are a number of similarly vapid, irrelevant comments that a listener might make to give them a response but allow them to maintain their blissful state of denial that cancer and other horrible diseases happen.

That's the calm, rational answer, but when someone said that to me right after my oldest sister died and my mom was diagnosed (4 months later), I was neither calm nor rational in demanding that they explain to me just what they thought "worse" might be.

Needless to say, I understand your point!Health Question & Answer

Hubby & I did find it helpful to realise that "it could be worse" when he had cancer. Compared to some others, he was not in bad shape (stage 3 colon cancer). It stopped him feeling sorry for himself and focus on dealing with the treatment and looking to the future.

But that was when we were talking between ourselves and in the right mood. Someone else saying "ooh, could be worse" would have been irritatingHealth Question & Answer

It gives me comfort to think it, but I don't appreciate other people telling it to me. If they seem to really mean well, it would be kind not to give them a nasty answer: Just say, "Yeah, I should keep that in mind."

For people you suspect of blowing you off, "I suppose so; I / whoever/ could be dead ALREADY, right.?"Health Question & Answer

I don't find that comforting at all. I agree -- it sounds like they're blowing your concerns off. It's almost like they're saying I don't have a right to be concerned, or worried about what I have because there are situations that are much worse than the one I'm currently in.Health Question & Answer

No, it doesnt make me feel better. BUT, I know they are just trying to make me look at the bright side, because reality is that it could be a lot worse.
After my death, I dont care what they say. BUT, there are ways to die that, in reality, could be a lot worse.Health Question & Answer

It does give me comfort sometimes-- Things could be worse and I do not see that at times.

After a death-- no one has ever thought or said something like like!Health Question & Answer

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