Flashback from smoking weed or from high blood pressure?!

Question: Flashback from smoking weed or from high blood pressure.?
Ok so about 2 months ago I smoked weed and I smoked once in a while before that, and I smoked out of a gravity bong and had a BADDDDD trip, I literally felt like I was going to die and I was really scared. About 2 months later (couple of days ago) I was just sitting down and out of no where I had a flashback of that night. My body felt weak, my head hurt, my heat was beating so fast, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I wondered if it happened to anyone else before.? I also don't know if it could be from my high blood pressure.? HELP!Health Question & Answer

It is possible that your "flashback" has a physical component that can represent some type of underlying problem, because often times when someone has a cold they know they have one because they feel the same way as they did when they had one before and because of this familiarity they know they had a cold. I really think your body is saying don't put this **** in me. also, any drug (which is most) that has a nurological affect (affects your brain) and produces physical symptoms that are undesireable, are probobly bad for you in the short run and the long. I undersrstand that you probobly smoke mary j because it makes you chilaxed or someother reason, but it isn't worth it. I'm not saying that it will destroy your body and you're a bad person for doing it, but dude THC makes you stupid. Try and realize that it impairs your judgement, reasoning, and cognitive abilities over time and that there are plenty of people who don't use drugs willingly and have nurological problems like multiple sclorosis and they would do anything not to feel the way you do when u get stoned so you don't feel normal. It's not good for you psychologically or physically in the long run and you're better then that so please stop. drink beer with your friends or something (in moderation). Make a doc appointment and get a routine blood test, and tell them about your blood pressure if the problem persiststs. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

Anxiety attack. Time to stop smoking.Health Question & Answer

i have a good idea.
Don't smoke.Health Question & Answer

Every once in a while I'll get a panic attack while smoking, but its all in your head, your body physically can't o.d. on smoking weed (eating possibly but you'd have to eat a couple pounds and your stomach would burst before you'd have any chemical reactions from the THC).
Just lay off the herbs for a while. I notice if I start smoking too much (quantity or frequency), I'll get bad anxiety and think my heart is beating too slow or too fast and it will freak me out even days later.

It doesn't have anything to do with your blood pressure (but if you do have high blood pressure that's a separate issue you should probably get checked out - but the ganja has nothing to do with the flow of blood).
Just don't smoke too much next time and you'll be fine. The more you stress about it the more your odds are of having it affect you next time. So just chill and smoke pinchies at a time instead of bowls or bongs.

Happy smoking!Health Question & Answer

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