How do get rid of spots effectivly?!

Question: How do get rid of spots effectivly.?
I have horrible spots on my head and very self concious. Good way to get rid of them.?Health Question & Answer

I had this problem not even a month back - then I found the cure.

Water - hell, even flavored water like Volvic works!

Within a WEEK my face was flawless.
Replace all carbonated and fizzy drinks with water and your spots will vanish.
You can still have the occasional coke, but drinking water will flush the dirt out of your skin and wipe away impurities.

Good luck to youHealth Question & Answer

what really worked for me was the clinique clarifying lotion.
you put some on a cosmetic round and clean your face with it.
the spots disappear really quickly! for me at least.
also, there are different kinds of clarifying lotions from clinique: 1, 2 and 3. i use number 2. its for normal skin. you can use 1 for sensitive skin and 3 for really oily or something like that.

hope this helped:)Health Question & Answer

hi, im a teenage lad. i had really bad spots. im an athlete and i ahd breathing troubles so i was advised to give up dairy products all together.
worked wonders for my skin. like all my acne spots completely vanished. i no longer eat or drink dairy. i drink rice milk and eat soy yogurts to get my calcium

i wud defo suggest doing it!Health Question & Answer

you could go to a skin specialist-depending on where you are, if you are in london there is one in house of fraiser, or your gp, worked for me... gud luckHealth Question & Answer

Anti bacterial wash. On the spot treatment by Oxy.Health Question & Answer

Toothpaste is the best solution.Health Question & Answer -> this website really helped me!! xxHealth Question & Answer

Pop them, then put toothpaste on them to dry it out.
It may sound weird but it works =]Health Question & Answer

pop them, scab goes in 3 days if you do it right. (:
or get yourself a fringe and cover them. ;DHealth Question & Answer

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