Haven't worn retainers in a while. Dentist help?!

Question: Haven't worn retainers in a while. Dentist help.?
In the beginning I used to wear my retainers all the time and then just every night... then I guess I just got lazy and stopped wearing them altogether. I don't know how long it's been but probably 5-7 months.?

I tried putting them back on and it hurt, obviously. After a while that day it didn't hurt so much.

Can I still wear my retainers.? I've heard ppl say how their retainers wouldn't fit after they hadn't used them in a while. Mines fit, not perfectly, but they fit and only hurt for a while.Health Question & Answer

i just wear my retainer to bed no and when i put it on at nite its a little tight but it will lossen up and you will forget you have it in when you wake up! so if i were you i would wear it because wyh would you pay all of that money to let your teeth get back to the way they were or even worse! hope i helpedHealth Question & Answer

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Sounds like your teeth have moved a little bit.
Im still wearing my braces, only for another 4 weeks, but my advice is to just wear your retainers 24 hours a day for a couple of days, just to get them straight again. Then wear them on a night.
It'll be worth it, you dont want to put yourself through braces again!
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