For people who have had retainers...?!

Question: For people who have had retainers....?
I just got my retainer at 2 P.M today and it hurts soo bad!!! I have the clear retainer - like this one:
and Its only my top teeth..It is really tight and it is really orthodontist told me this was all supposed to be happening! but I just wanted to know:
Did it hurt really bad the first day for you when you got your retainer.?
and What did you do to make it stop hurting so much.?Health Question & Answer

omg, yes! it hurt soso bad for the first few days with my retainer! (it was the same kind as yours) I took an ibuprofen to help with the pain, but it still hurt. The only relief was taking it off when I ate. But don't worry. It doesn't hurt after the first 2-3 days.

good luck and congrats on getting your braces off!Health Question & Answer

got my retainer 2 months agoHealth Question & Answer

I have the slightly older style, that the plastic is on the back of the teeth with a wire on the front part. My teeth were not as uncomfortable as they were with braces, but it still took getting used to.
Then I would go back to the orthodontist, and he would tighten the wire a bit.
That was 2 years ago, and I do not have to wear the retainer during the day anymore, just at night. I don't go back for any more tightenings.Health Question & Answer

Yes it's suppose to hurt... Did you have braces before the retainer.? it's just like when they tighten your braces. It will take time for your mouth to adjust... the more you wear it the better. Just make sure you keep wearing it! I had a retainer after my braces and i didn't wear it as much as i should of or for as long as i should have and now i have a bit of an under bite :(Health Question & Answer

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