I have bad breath and...?!

Question: I have bad breath and....?
I have bad breath sometimes, I've had it since probably 4th grade. I think my bad breath comes from my tonsils, not from my teeth or anything like that. Well my tonsils (almost behind the tonsil) have white chunks, food particles,on them sometimes and I scrape them off with my finger. And the chunks smell horrible. Has anyone ever known anyone who got their tonsils removed because their breath smells bad.? Or any tongue or tonsil cleaning tips.?Health Question & Answer

What you're finding is something called tonsilloliths, and is a mixture of dead white blood cells, saliva, mucus, and bacteria. It causes bad breath when not removed. Unless it is a severe case, most people will not have their tonsils surgically removed.
Here are some ways you can attempt to keep your tonsils clean. Gargle with warm salt water. Use a non-sugar and non alcohol based mouthwash. If tonsilloliths appear, you can use your finger, a cotton swab, or a medicine dropper to remove it.Health Question & Answer

Never heard bad breath because of tonsils.

Buy Listerine or any other products. You can also buy spray bottles that are small and you can carry it around with you.

Try gargling with warm water&salt after supper. You need to see a doctor because of the white stuff and it smells because of an infection going on in the back. See your doctor.Health Question & Answer

Those white chunks are probably pus on your tonsils not food.Health Question & Answer

mints...lots and lots of mintsHealth Question & Answer

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