Need colors for braces!!?!

Question: Need colors for braces!!.?
so im getting new colors for my braces on the 7th and i need some fun colors im going to use 2 different colors
i dont want colors that makes your teeth look yellowish
tell me the colors that would look goodHealth Question & Answer

NOT colors-yellow,orange,white,clear,silver
yellow-makes your teeth look yellow(er)
white-turns colors of food you eat
silver-blends in with the brackets and wires

CUTE colors-metalic colors,soft colors,bold colors
metalic red
metalic blue
ectHealth Question & Answer

only 2.?.? silver and black.
dark blue and dark green.
neon blue and black.Health Question & Answer

dark blue,light blue
purple,light blue
gray and any other color already listedHealth Question & Answer

green and yellow!Health Question & Answer

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