Does anybody know what could this be?!

Question: Does anybody know what could this be.?
I have a sore spot on the tip of my tongue, on the bottom there is a tiny little white dot and it is really sore. Could it be a taste bud or something.? It kind of burns. I noticed this after drinking lemonade .? I am going to take some Vitamin C pills and see what that does but if anybody knows what it could be.?Health Question & Answer

It's probably a canker sore or inflaimed papillae. I get them all the time.

Since you just drank lemonade, that makes me suspect even more. Try orajel.

Actually, I wouldn't take a vitamin C. They are also slightly burny and can make these things worse. Unless you have a swallowable kind, I am referring to those orange flavored ones you chew.

Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

You probably have burned it...maybe something more severe.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

IRRITATION FIBROMA.?Health Question & Answer

canker sore.?Health Question & Answer

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