Six Flags Question?!!!!!?!

Question: Six Flags Question.?!!!!!.?
My friends and I want to go to Six Flags but i got my braces like about one week and a half already...and im scared that something might happened while im in the rides.? Do you guys think its bad going to amusement parks while barely having braces on.?!
thanks so much in advance*+)Health Question & Answer

no nothing will happen the Appliance is securely set in your mouth and if anything you could break a bracket while eating but i would bring wax just in case.also your mouth could possibly bleed if your braces get caught on your inner lip during a ride it happened to me but it was a very minor issue.
good luck!Health Question & Answer

most likely nothing will happen! (if something minor does, like irritation, it has nothing to do with the park bc that could happen sitting at home)

it is fine to go to amusement parks with braces. i did it all the time when i had braces and i was fine!

good luck and have fun if you end up going! =)Health Question & Answer

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