My dental!?!

Question: My dental!.?
I just had a root canal done, and I did not need a crown for that tooth, so the dentist put a permanent filling over the little hole in the back. It was tooth 9 (front tooth). When she finished doing the filling for me, it felt like something was stuck underneath my tooth, which is the filling. She shaved some of it off so it won't feel so "bumpy", but maybe because I'm paranoid, but does shaving the filling a little bit make the filling weaker or will damange the filling.? Will it still cover the hole.? I mean does shaving the filling have any consequences.?

And those are white fillings. Do those break easily.? Like if you press it down with your tongue, will it break easily.?
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Hi Jordin,

To answer your question---> No. The tooth will suffer no consequences because the dentist filed down the filling. It was a good thing that you didn't need a post or a crown because the tooth's outer structure was healthy. The filling is not weaker. It will cover the hole and prevent any bacteria from entering.
If you say this a permanent filling, the dentist probably used either composite material (Usually for fillings) or core build up material.
The composite material is strong. It will not break if you pressed on it with your tongue.
Just in case this material is only temporary ie Cavit, IRM
Then it is not strong and could come out of the tooth. Double Check with your Dentist and try not to play around with the filling so much

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I am a Certified Dental Assistant and Manager in NY
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