If your teeth are straight (thanks to braces) and wisdom teeth randomly grow, will you have to wear braces...?!

Question: If your teeth are straight (thanks to braces) and wisdom teeth randomly grow, will you have to wear braces....?
braces again.? I heard wisdom teeth will make your teeth crooked... what if you had straight teeth and your wisdom teeth grew and made them crooked again.?Health Question & Answer

My son has braces now and the dentist and orthodontist say he will need his wisdom teeth removed at some point after the braces come out because it's likely they won't fit. He didn't have any teeth removed for his braces.

It takes awhile for wisdom teeth to push other teeth and make them move / cross. Just go to the dentist as usual, every 6 months, and when your wisdom teeth need to come out, the dentist will remove them for you. They will be taking x-rays so they will see what is going on before it becomes obvious on the surface.

I had all my wisdom teeth out as an adult, and I hate pain, but it really wasn't that bad, I actually fell asleep during the procedure. The most important thing is to follow instructions for caring for the area afterward.Health Question & Answer

That can happen. It is best to take them out before you get braces but sometimes they aren't ready to. So if they come out after braces, see your dentist and ask them if they are ready to get extracted.Health Question & Answer

Wisdom teeth are routinely removed because most people's jaws are not big enough to hold them too. Everybody in my family has had to have them took out.Health Question & Answer

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