What is protein? and what is fat?!

Question: What is protein.? and what is fat.?
Other than their chemical structures, proteins and fats play different roles in your body.

Proteins (made up of amino acid) are more complex in structure because each different protein plays a different role. The blueprint of their structure is stored in DNA. Via protein synthesis, the DNA's info in the nucleotides are transferred into RNA, and then translated into amino acids, which are the basic units of proteins. Proteins play different roles in your body, many of which include enzymes (ex. in digestion) and channels in the cell membrane.

I'm not sure about this, but when you consume protein, I think they are broken down to amino acids and absorbed by your body so you/your cells can make different proteins for your own use. By the time the cooked proteins enter your body, they already denatured (ceased to function) because of the cooking (heat), so you can't really use them when you eat them. Even if you eat your food raw, the proteins would also be denatured by the acid in your stomach.

Fat plays a totally different role than proteins. also, fats are only made up of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms (classified as lipids). Fats are a great way to store energy in an organism, and they can have different structures to organize the fat molecules accordingly (depending on organism). They are useful because they are used for storing energy (so if a famine comes, at least you can survive for some time). There are two different kinds of fats that I know of: saturated and unsaturated. You've probably heard that unsaturated is better than saturated. It goes down to their molecular structure: unsaturated fats have a crooked end, while saturated fats are straight. Therefore, unsaturated fats are harder to clump together, where saturated fats can easily stack up (especially in your artery, which is one reason why we get heart attacks and such).

Note that you don't get energy, or much at least, from proteins. You get energy from carbohydrates (quick energy) and fats (for storing).

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There are three main sources of fuel your body uses; Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. Fat gives your body 9 calories of energy for each gram you eat. Carbohydrates and protein give your body 4 calories per gram you eat. That is how food labels work. Try it next time you read one and you'll find that it all adds up.

Carbohydrates and fats are your primary fuel source. Your healthy body has at least 20 pounds of fat and about 1 pound of carbs stored. As you begin to exercise, you begin to use them more and more to make more energy. You don't normally use protein for energy supply. Instead, protein is used in the repair of muscles, after you have exercised.

You find protein in meats, fish, nuts and dairy products. If you're an athlete, protein is the best thing to eat after exercising, to maximize the benefits of your workout.

You'll find fat in meats, oils and all the junk you can buy at the corner store. Fats can be bad if over-consumed, but it must be stressed that they are an essential part of your diet. Health Question & Answer

Proteins are - Complex organic molecules made up of amino acids. Proteins are basic components of all living cells and are therefore among the principal substances that make up the body. In addition to being necessary for the growth and repair of the body's tissues, proteins provide energy and act as enzymes that control chemical reactions in the cell.


Fats are Organic compounds that serve as a reserve of energy for the body. Fat is stored in the body's fat tissues, which provide support, protection, and insulation for the body and its organs. A balanced diet must include some fats because, in addition to providing energy for the body, they are necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins. -Health Question & Answer

proteins are amino acids, which are building blocks for cells.
fats, also known as lipids, is a main source of energy along with carbohydrates. Health Question & Answer

The above answers are wonderful. Protein one must take whereas fat are not necessary.Health Question & Answer

maybe you should have paid attention in science & health class. Health Question & Answer

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