How can you gain body weight safely?!

Question: How can you gain body weight safely.?
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Carbs, lots of carbs. Bread, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, carb drinks, potatoes.Health Question & Answer

Track your diet & caloric intake for a couple normal days; be very very precise, and that will give you an idea of how many calories you normally eat. For the next week, try to eat 500 calories more per the end of the week, you should have eaten 3500 more calories which equates to exactly 1 pound.

If you didn't gain any weight after that first week, add 250 calories to each day and try again. Eventually you'll find the calorie intake per day needed to gain weight slowly and effectively.Health Question & Answer

Why don't you eat a little bit more at dinner or eat something at night.? But don't eat like a whole feast before bed time or else you will get really fat. Good Luck!!Health Question & Answer

Plenty of fattening nuts might perhaps help.Health Question & Answer

Protein shakes. ;-)Health Question & Answer

exercise!Health Question & Answer

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