Does this gay working out sound in the gym?!

Question: Does this gay working out sound in the gym.?
sometime im in the gym, i jsut started. i find myself looking at mens chest then i look down and i start getting hard (like errectionHealth Question & Answer

accepting that you have a problem is step one.
not saying that you have issues, but obviously you have some matter's that you need to address.

& it does sound gay. Health Question & Answer

well i dont here that a lot, maybe its just a concidence or something. You might be gay or bi, idont know you. But if your sure your not gay it might just be you want to eb ripped like them, who knows.Health Question & Answer

yea it does sound gay, unless you looked a hot girl a second before that, lol. I look at guys in really good shape but only because thats what Im trying to look like. Health Question & Answer

Well, it does turn you on a bit. Only you can say if you're gay or bi or whatever. It's okay, though, whatever you feel.Health Question & Answer

I like looking at fit men only cause I want to be like that. I have NEVER gotten an erection while looking at them.Health Question & Answer

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