Am I overweight, or underweight?!

Question: Am I overweight, or underweight.?
I'm 16 years old
I am 5ft 2in
and I am 107 pounds

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You are within a normal range. You are at the low end of the healthy range however, so be sure to maintain this weight or gain a modest amount, do not attempt to lose weight. At your age you need to be sure to get enough fat on you in order to be healthy. Women 14-28 need a fair amount of fat in order to keep in proper stores of calcium, vitamin d and estrogen in their system. Health Question & Answer

just go on this website
and type in the appropriate information and it will tell you if you're a healthy weight or overweight... etc.
hope this helps :)Health Question & Answer

That sounds about right, maybe a bit underweight. There are some scales that find percentage of body fat, or your doctor can find your percent. Females should be between about 16% and 28% body fat. Health Question & Answer

Neither, you're the perfect weight! I'm the same height as you and I weigh 105 lbs., which is about a BMI of 19. Underweight would be 98 lbs. and below, I believe.Health Question & Answer

You, my friend, are perfectly fine. You have nothing to worry about. I'm 5 and a half inch tall and I weigh 115, and I don't look *that* bad... so anyway you seem perfectly fine :)Health Question & Answer

slightly underweight
but to avoid gaining fat working on toning up. the weight will go up without making you look any larger-just firmer.Health Question & Answer


its normal and perfect :)

please answer mine :)
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Your BMI is 19.6, which is between the healthy range (18.5-24.9)
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You are right on target. You can go a little each way and still be in a healthy zone.Health Question & Answer

Neither - you are at a very good weight. And I wouldn't worry so much about your weight either. Be confident in who you are.Health Question & Answer

You are neither according to the doctor's opinion.Health Question & Answer

a little bit underweightHealth Question & Answer

Perfect!Health Question & Answer

Just right.
Actually you sound skinny!Health Question & Answer

Your BMI is 19.57, therefore you are average - not over or under.

just poyfact!Health Question & Answer

aim for 115 to 120 pounds is average. Health Question & Answer

kinda under. but not sooooo underHealth Question & Answer

You are at a healthy weight, on the lower side (38th percentile)Health Question & Answer

You are in the middle. You're fine.Health Question & Answer

You seem perfectly fine.Health Question & Answer

I think you are a normal weight for your age.Health Question & Answer

You're an average weight for your height.Health Question & Answer

under weight.... well actually prob healthy lolHealth Question & Answer

I'd say that's about average. Bone density and muscle mass have a lot to do with it though.Health Question & Answer

Girl, you need some meat on those bones. Is it muscle fat or fat fat.?Health Question & Answer

Your at normal weight.Health Question & Answer

just 3 pounds under :)Health Question & Answer

In the middle which is perfectHealth Question & Answer

you're fine.Health Question & Answer

ur fine, not anorexic, but thinHealth Question & Answer

uh im 13 5'4and like 97 pounds
i think ur fine i guess causeur small but thats not bad its just who you are;]
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