Am I Overweight? Or What?!

Question: Am I Overweight.? Or What.?
5'5" 130 pounds
I think I am, but isn't that normal for a 14 year old girl.?
Just wanted to hear from other people, not friends and family who who will lie to me just to make sure I don't go suicidal.
I know you guys will be brutally honest because you don't even know me.
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The average weight for American girls who are 14 and are 5'5" is about 125 pounds. This is based on the fact that the height is at the 75th percentile for 14 year olds. Keep in mind, though, that there is a very large range for "normal" weight at this height--the question asked for the average weight.

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At your age, girls' weights change rapidly. There is also a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you have to find the weight that is right for you. If you are worried about being overweight, try eating healthier and maybe working out some. Just give your body what it needs and don't worry about being "normal". Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Your wrong, the internet is full of liars... how many guys do you see chasing after big girls.? But every guy if you ask them will lie and tell you that they prefer girls with a little meat on them. Now, you are not fat, but if you gain any more weight you will be. Health Question & Answer

its perfectly normal, although it does depend on your muscle mass and bone density.

the doctor can tell you if you are overweight or not.Health Question & Answer

that is very normal for a 14 year old girl. Honestly, when you're as young as 14 your BMI can change almost daily, so i wouldn't worry about your weight unless your doctor does.Health Question & Answer

It is close the average weight for a 14 year old girl (which is 125), but if you want to loose weight exercise and eat healthy foods. But you are perfectly healthy

I hope I helpedHealth Question & Answer

You're entirely healthy. Congratulations.Health Question & Answer

thats about normal Health Question & Answer

No I don't think so... and yes it's normal. i'm 13 and i think the same thing (im 4'11" 108 pounds).Health Question & Answer

Im 5ft 7 and 102 pounds
but your fine its a healthy weightHealth Question & Answer

yes especially for a girl.Health Question & Answer

I don't think that makes you overweightHealth Question & Answer

Are you serious.? That's not close to overweight. *sigh* You're fine.Health Question & Answer

i need picturesHealth Question & Answer

not at all hun thats a perfect weight for that height! even 140 is okay your 14 you shouldnt have to worry about that!Health Question & Answer

thats not overweight at all!!Health Question & Answer

your overweight.
you need to loose some weight fatsoHealth Question & Answer

Sounds about average. Maybe just a little on the chubby sideHealth Question & Answer

nope that is perfect weight very very healthy =DHealth Question & Answer

If you have to ask,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Then Yes... Your fat as a pig......................... You wont listen to anybody Health Question & Answer

you're just fine...Health Question & Answer

thats how much you are supposed to wiegh for that hieghtHealth Question & Answer

u r overweight so do some dancing and it wil go great Health Question & Answer

i assume your body is really perfect coz you a 5'5...
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