How many bicep exercises is enough?!

Question: How many bicep exercises is enough.?
for building muscle on me biceps, should i be doing 3 sets of 8 reps of just concentration curls.? OR should I be doing more to workout my biceps.? Health Question & Answer

I am guessing your focusing on your biceps because you want big arms, but I would like to remind you that your biceps are only 1/3 of your arms the remaining 2/3 of your arms are triceps. So if you want strong looking arms I suggest you work both your biceps and triceps out. One day for your biceps and one day for your triceps and within 3 months you will see improvement.

I recommend you do 3 exercises per body part with 8 to 10 repetitions. It's in your best interest to use free weights such as dumbells and cables to build these muscles. Refrain from using machines because you won't be gaining any stability while working out with a machine.

Do some research on what bicep/tricep exercises work for you. Remember to workout all your body parts and eat a gram of protein per pound of body weight to see most gainsHealth Question & Answer

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