Healthy lunch Idea? (after thanksgiving) help PLEASE.?!

Question: Healthy lunch Idea.? (after thanksgiving) help PLEASE..?
I ate about 1300 cals yesterday for thanksgiving.
but I felt so bloated, fat, gain weight.
and this morning I dont feel too much better. I still feel full and just like...I dont know how to describe it.

but at 11:30 am i am going to eat lunch.
I need something with energy and substance (so no salads) because at 1 pm Im giong to workout..and run 5 miles, crunches all ways, leg lifts, and some arm weights.

I was thikning 1 cup of uncooked whole wheat pasta (200 cal), 3 oz grilled skinless chicken (110 cal), one pear, one small apple, and some grapes.

For dessert I was thikning 2 gluten free cookies (100 cal), or a chocolate granola bar of 80 calories.

Is that healthy.? or will it make me gain more weight.? I just feel gross now. would the pasta be no.?

either help me come up with lunch idea or something. thanks

oh and i'm 17, 5'5'', and 110-112 lbs depending on the dayHealth Question & Answer

I think your lunch sounds great. Don't be too hard on yourself; pretty much everyone overindulged.Health Question & Answer

Lunch sounds good. Before training if you're feeling faint just eat a banana. After training, take in a protein shake right away and chocolate milk.Health Question & Answer

maybe this can help u better

peace and merry x mas.Health Question & Answer

Soup and saladHealth Question & Answer

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