Im trying to get stronger and get more ripped, should my protein intake be 2 grams for every pound I weight?!

Question: Im trying to get stronger and get more ripped, should my protein intake be 2 grams for every pound I weight.?
My cousin, who got ripped, did 2grams of protein for every pound he weighed. I weigh 190 so that would mean I would have to take in about 380 grams of protein a day with my protein shakes. I think thats a bit hardcore and want to do about 1.5 grams per body weight, anyone have any advice on what I should do.? ThanksHealth Question & Answer

No, there is NO NEED to be taking in such a large amount of protein. Try 2 grams of protein for every KILOGRAM of body weight, instead of pound. this will give you a more realistic and helpful amount.

Any more than the 2g/kg is a waste of your money and time, as it is not possible for the human body to break down this much protein.

For you weighing 190lbs or about 86kg you will only need about 170 grams of protein on lifting days, and less than that on recovery days.
also make sure the supplement you are using contains enough carbohydrates to break down this protein or you are getting enough from your food.
Without the carbs, the protein is useless.Health Question & Answer

Well I'm sure you already know that being ripped has to do with your bodyfat, and bodybuilders are at their weakest when their bodyfat is at its lowest. I only mention that because you said you want to get stronger AND more ripped.

See what I'm getting at.? You might have to choose, do you want to be more ripped right now or stronger. Since its winter, you could focus on strength now and then get ripped for the summer.Health Question & Answer

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