Can You Lose Weight By Simply Counting Calories?!

Question: Can You Lose Weight By Simply Counting Calories.?
if the foods not healthyHealth Question & Answer

Sad but true, it does work that way. All calories are the same no matter where you get them but the thing about unhealthy food is that it also has a lot of fat and sodium which can also be a problem if you don't watch your intake. also healthy food is often more filling and keeps you feeling full longer than unhealthy food so sometimes when you eat unhealthy food you just feel hungry again and wind up eating more later.Health Question & Answer

well counting them wont help much, try changing some of the number. like the amt you take in, and the amt you need.

you could eat 20 low calorie vegetables a day that add up to 1600 calories, or you could drink a couple bottles of soft drinks that add up to 1600 calories.

if you daily requirement is higher youll lose weight both ways.

ps. i think its easier to go a day eating 20 pieces of vegetable, than drinking a couple bottles of soft drinks.Health Question & Answer

I'll give you a hypothetical example here.

My maintenance calories are 2600.

For fat loss I knock off 500 cals and that puts me at 2100.

As long as I eat no more than 2100 calories daily I WILL lose weight. It doesn't matter if I eat 2100 calories worth of chocolate cake, the weight will still be lost.

Don't take my example the wrong way, I am certainly not telling you to live off of chocolate cake. It's much easier to eat a healthy, high protein diet while you are on a calorie deficit and lose weight.Health Question & Answer

The formula for losing weight is easy - eat less and exercise more often - the issues arise when we in reality try to put that into practice! There are lots of stumbling blocks in the big wide world don't you think.?! The sole diet which really delivered for me was wu-yi tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a limited number of free trials remaining, it was reported in Fox News and CNN. I melted away 20 pounds, it really does work!Health Question & Answer

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