Is it ok to workout your biceps and triceps in the same day?!

Question: Is it ok to workout your biceps and triceps in the same day.?
Ive been told you can, but then someone else has told me you shouldnt. Please can someone who goes to the gym and knows what theyre talking about answer.? :) Off to the gym later on so need a quick answer if possible. CheersHealth Question & Answer

Yes you can... BUT (isn't there always a but.?)

The lifts that work your muscles most are compound movements. The main two compound movements that hit your arms are bench press and rows.

So lets say, tonight you train your arms with curls of various types, skull crushers, dips, tricep kick backs etc. etc. You work really hard and take your muscles to failure. Great pump, great workout.

Next time you hit the gym - tomorrow.? The day after.? you start training your chest. Your triceps will not have yet recovered full strength and repaired themselves so you won't be able to go as heavy or for as long on your chest. You'll burn out much quicker and so not give one of your larger muscle groups the workout it deserves.

Same goes if you are working your back - the pulls you do will also hit your biceps so your back workout suffers.

You would be generally better (if you are working two body parts in a session) to combine Back & Biceps on one night and Chest & Triceps on another. This way, on your back night, you are already working (and warming up) your biceps quite a bit before you do any direct bicep work.

Same goes for your triceps on Chest days.

Give this a try - it'll demonstrate just how much you work your biceps on a back day. Do a good hard back workout - lots of rows, dumbell work, the lot. Work hard. Make a note of the weight you use at your heaviest on your rows.

Next do your bicep workout. Again hit them good and hard - you're there to work after all!

Finally, just to see the effect, go back and do another 2 x 20 sets of rows using around half the weight you were using earlier. Keep a good quick tempo going and leave no more than 45 seconds between sets.

Your back will be perfectly capable of doing this weight but you may not manage all the reps without a break as your biceps will be so pumped and burning that you will really struggle. You'll realise just how much your biceps are needed!

This is actually a great way to finish your session as the greatly increased blood flow through the muscles created with a taper set (as this is called) increases nutrients and fresh oxygen in the muscles which helps promote growth.Health Question & Answer

The answer is - it depends on the exercises that you intend on doing.

There is nothing wrong working both, but if you for example plan on only working your chest and shoulders, then you should only work your triceps.

If you are doing a full upper body workout which includes, chest shoulders, and back, then you can do both. If you only intend to work your back then only do biceps.

Most chest and shoulder exercises will require use of your triceps, while most back exercises require your biceps.Health Question & Answer

lol YesHealth Question & Answer

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