New diet,lots and lots of water.Lost 22 pounds so far, but now my pits sweat A LOT.What changed? How to stop?!

Question: New diet,lots and lots of water.Lost 22 pounds so far, but now my pits sweat A LOT.What changed.? How to stop.?
So, I've changed my diet. REAL food only and portion control. I drink maybe one soda with dinner (down to 2 or 3 a week) and I've increased my water intake 10 fold. Now I find that I just can't seem to get enough water. Not sure if that's related.

It's not that my armpits sweat profusely or anything. They just drip, hit the side and run down through out the day. Maybe like 12-14 times the entire day. It's really not that much, just annoying!

I lost the 22 pounds in two months and it only started maybe three weeks ago.Health Question & Answer

How did you lose 22 pounds in two months! CONGRATULATIONS! I\
The secretory activities of the gland cells and the contractions of myoepithelial cells are controlled by both the autonomic nervous system and by the circulating hormones. Therefore I'm wondering if your sweat glands have enlarged due to increase in activity and flow of circulatory hormones....?

sweating is your bodies way of regulating your body heat (thermoregulation). It can also be caused by nerves...

I'm sorry I'm not much help. Honestly, I would consult a doctor!

(Would you PLEASE let me know what you did you to lose 22 pounds in two months, if I post it as a question....?!)

EDIT: I'll add you to my contacts....and again congrats! Just reading this question was motivating to hear that!Health Question & Answer

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